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Your training is personal and always reaching new heights, so Chikara Fitness makes it easy for you to choose your fitness journey!

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Chikara Fitness is all about encouragement and dedication to get to the results you’re after.¬† Your trainers will help you with your personalized program and help track your progress daily.¬† When you are ready to take on more and reach greater heights, Chikara Fitness has your back.

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What you get with your membership (can also be reasons to get it or in a separate section)

  • Ability to choose trainer and program
  • Discounts to VivintSmarthome systems
  • Special member links to IC store
  • Major discounts to our health assessment affiliates
  • any other major sponsor of IC
  • Special access to Challenges and Competitions¬†
  • Live follow along workouts with our world record holding trainers
  • Nutritional tips
  • Great price, premium content
  • We have a style for everyone, follow along, pdf, gifs coming
  • programs always fresh with new content

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